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September 2018 events (GVAD’s Cornfest Festivals and ASL/LSQ events)



Hello everyone, finally i m here to make vlog.. for events in sept even feeling that summer is almost over as for us parents, have to get our kids ready for school which will start after labour long weekend, right. Know that now Sept is coming closer and closer, many events happening in Sept, with one event hosted by GVAD, which is Cornfest, same annual traditional thing for us. This year will be on Sept 8 th, Saturday at Bear Creek Park in Surrey. This time will be different and special, Why? It is our 40 th anniversary, really important. Jacques Custeau and his committee first set up first Cornfest Festival thinking that 40 years later is long way and true biz now we are in our 40 th year, Time truly flies fast! We will have same food, three choices of chicken, pulled pork, or  spicy black beans for the meat choices, it will include side dishes and the corn! It is same as we follow the tradition of 40 years which means a lot to us all! We also have different catering company called old Yale saloon from Vancouver downtown, their pub/restaurant, and they do business as catering on the side. We expect the food to be delicious! We have gotten some old cornfest history that s related to pictures, posters, flyers, etc. Some of you have brought them to our GVAD office, so If you have some more, please drop them off or arrange with us, under attention of Kimberly Wood, or Christopher Polson, or Peggy Fee.  You also can email any of us if you have any questions. Peggy is still part of this, very heartwarming of her, however this year will be her last for being involved with Cornfest Festivals! I am not looking forward to this as I know we will miss her very much! All this will be on SEPT 8TH, which will start at 1 pm and ends at 1 am.  The Liquor sales  will be for at limited time, which we must follow the license permit of 6 hours. This will be at Bear Creek Park, Tickets are ready. Tickets ages from 19 to 64 will cost you 35 dollars, for Seniors who are 65 years or older will be 25 dollars. For Teens/Youth/students ages from 14-30 will cost 15 dollars. If you are a student, please show your proof of student ID. For children ages from 6 to 13 which will cost 10 dollars. For Late bird which is after August 31 which cost 40 dollars. Food could be short but we will provide smokies along with the side dishes.  The reason why for deadline on the date of August 31 is that we must let the Catering company know how many people wants chicken, or pulled pork, or/ and spicy black beans. See you all there!!

Next event, September is really busy month for us all.. after Sept 8th, then we have big event on Sept 22 which many of us all are aware of ASL/LSQ entertainment events in Victoria, BC. They have many different events there with various of activities and workshops all day long. They also have two special guests who will be coming to our event, which is Mark Wood, with understanding is that we have no relations as we have same last name Wood. But no relation at all, just happen same last name! Alright, second special guest is Calvin Young. The GVAD is in full support of their event as this ASL/LSQ is important cause for us.  With understanding this event being all day, but, between 12-3 pm will have special rally at Victoria Parliament Building.  In support for bill C-81 which means we want the Canada Govt (federal) to recognize ASL/LSQ as official language in Canada which will effect for better accessibility for all of us. As for Bill C-81, if you all are curious for more details about this, we will do another vlog explaining in details what Bill C-81 means for us all. And what we all can do about this and show full support for the rally which is really important cause not only BC, it will be important for all across Canada! So if you are coming for Rally, then grab your opportunity to join for ASL/LSQ entertainment all day in Victoria, for tickets, please contact Denise Read. Which all the information is on deafbc and GVAD facebook. If you have any questions or curious for more info, feel free to contact us at the office, and we will make references for you to contact Denise Read.

For the ASL/LSQ Rally, they need more volunteers, part of their committee, which will be split in various duties, hand out brochures, make posters, many different duties. They really need support and volunteers, so, please contact Lindsay Carroll or Nikki Sellars. For some of you who are worried about transportation, no way to get to Victoria, Ferry, limited income, you can ask and check with Mari Klassen which is her responsibility to look after transportation for us who are on mainland to get to the island. They also accept donations for transportation purposes. You all know that.. both event for the ASL/LSQ RALLY AND ASL/LSQ ENTERTAINMENT  is really important cause, it is really close to many of us, our hearts. It is our language, our communication method, our accessibility, our language, many more. So this is probably once in our lifetime to be included in the rally and the entertainment all day on Sept 22nd, and plus to meet with those two special guests. Can be used to your advantage, once in life time opportunity. 

Now I am wrapping this up, I talk too much here, so if there is any questions or need any more information, contact us, contact the rally chairpersons, Lindsay, Nikki, and Mari, contact Denise Read for the Entertainment events. 

Thank you!

Printable flyers:

2018 – Cornfest Flyer 1


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