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Jodi’s Vlog: “ASL-LSQ = Official Languages in Canada”

A post was made on Facebook yesterday but Jodi Birley wanted to make sure that people who don’t have Facebook still get to watch an important message about Sept. 22 coming up.
“ATTENTION Families, friends, colleagues, and allies in Canada!!  You know, I don’t make vlogs very often unless they’re urgent… well, I have made another one just now because there’s an important movement happening in Deaf Canada that we cannot afford to miss.  This important topic is a little too quiet for my comfort so I decided to make some ripples for more attention!!  The future of Deaf Canada need us to step up NOW.
NOW is the time to make our ASL/LSQ official in Canada for ‘a truly inclusive and accessible’ country as Minister Duncan quoted in her proposal for our new bill called ACCESSIBLE CANADA ACT that is currently going through the Parliament.  There will be NO justice for the Deaf until ‘language accessibility’ is included in the proposal.
Stay tuned for more information from CAD and chairpersons in your province!  But for now, mark yourself unavailable on September 22, 2018 so you can attend and support the movement!  Spread the word!!”
Watch the vlog here:
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