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BC Lions game August 9 O Canada ASL signer and special message for WAVLI

Transcript: Hello everyone, you all remember from last time of my previous announcement of BC Lions of 8 games to have an ASL signer for O Canada. We have found 8 deaf invidiuals and well diversity in our community, For this Thursday, August 9 th, we have a 10 years old deaf girl who is currently attending BCSD elementary, and her name is Teanna Santos-Kay.  If you want to buy tickets for the games, please buy the tickets by using this link, https://bit.ly/2m5CAux and the code will be GVAD. Just follow the process on the website with the link.

We would like to say many special thanks to the WAVLI, after arranging for 8 deaf signers, we needed Interpreters for our ears and voice to make sure we know when the music/ hearing singer start singing, also make sure our ASL matches with their voices of the O Canada.  We got so many responses from WAVLI members willing to help us out. It’s wonderful for our deaf community, For Unity. For our support for recognition of our equal rights and deaf can do. One new thing I have learned, scheduling along with the dates for interpreters etc, has been challenging experience, so for those who work dispatch , arranging for schedule for appointments in community or medical interpreting is a lot of work. They work hard, so they earn some respect as I learned new on arranging and making sure etc!!!  So thank you all!



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