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ASL for LINC at VCC Broadway

ASL for LINC explained in ASL Vlog by Imran Hakamali.


Hello everyone
Are you Deaf or Hard of hearing?
Or do you know anyone who is Deaf or hard of hearing?
Do you know a little English, or no English?
Then ASL for LINC may be for you!
I will explain what ASL for LINC is.
ASL – American Sign Language. LINC – Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada.
I will be explaining what an ASL for LINC class looks like
Students will come to class and will be learning write and read English as well as ASL!
The purpose of this learning may be for jobs, school, education, communities, and other reasons.
What is VCC? It is Vancouver Community College.
VCC is a leading college for DHH – Deaf and Hard of Hearing as well as English training.
VCC has two campuses. There is the downtown campus and the Broadway campus.
I will be focusing on the Broadway campus as the ASL for LINC class will take place there.
How will you come to this campus? It is easy.
We have public transportation, for example the city bus or SkyTrain.
The closest SkyTrain station to VCC Broadway is the VCC-Clark station.
When you take the SkyTrain, and get off at this station, it will be walking distance to the campus; really easy.
When is the class taking place?
It is from April 9 to June 29, on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. From 830am to 245pm.

Oh, just passed April 9 as it has already begun.
It is not a problem—you still can come even though you missed the start date.
Those of you who are interested, there are requirements. I will explain.
You need to be a Permanent Resident of Canada.
Or, have Refugee status, due to reasons such as wars, religious, political, other reasons. If you already have a Canadian Citizenship, you are not eligible. Sorry about that.
The other requirements are you must be Deaf or Hard of hearing.
Also, you must be available to attend ASL for LINC for 12 weeks
ASL for LINC is funded by IRCC – Immigrations, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.
If you are interested in joining or need info, you can contact Peter Fischer.
We have a flyer with the same information as I just explained in sign.
The information contains the ASL for LINC, address, telephone number, and email. Peter Fischer’s contact information is at the bottom of the flyer.
The flyer will be shown shortly

Printable PDF:ASL for LINC flyer April-June 2018

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