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What and How to do Nominations for WIDHH Board of Directors


WIDHH Board of Directors Call for Nominations
The WIDHH Nomination Committee is now accepting nominations for the WIDHH Board of Directors. There are eight available elected positions being sought for nomination to the Board of Directors. Any WIDHH Member in good standing with energy and vision for serving the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community is encouraged to stand for election. We also invite WIDHH Members to nominate individuals to serve on the Board of Directors.

All nominations must be in writing using the form established by the society.
All persons nominated for the Board of Directors must be a Member in good standing.
All nominations must be signed by the nominee, (the person being nominated), and one other Member in good standing.
Nominations must be submitted in advance of an election, in accordance with such deadlines as may be established by the Board.
Nomination forms must contain a statement of interest in serving on the WIDHH Board of Directors (250 words) along with a headshot.

All completed and signed nomination forms must be delivered either by fax, email, mail, or dropped off in person to WIDHH no later than 5:00pm on February 28, 2018.
Nora McKellin, Nomination Committee Chair
c/o Western Institute for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
2125 West 7th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, V6K 1X9
Fax: 604-736-4381
Email: info@widhh.com

Nominations for WIDHH Board of Directors


Nomination Form:


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