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GVAD History

Exciting news!

Derek Sweeting is looking for GVAD past and current members to share with him stories, memories, and photos of GVAD’s history. Through this research Derek will be producing a book about GVAD’s past from 1926-2001. Derek looks forward to any memories you would like to share.


Eugeniu Televco is looking to start a GVAD history museum, which may be set up at WIDHH in the future. Eugeniu is looking for a variety of items. Example; old technology(hearing devices, tty’s,etc.), flyers, photos, videos, etc. Do you have anything you would like to donate to a GVAD museum?

If you would like to contribute to either or both of these please email GVAD at: vandeaf@telus.net

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3 comments on “GVAD History

  • Lisa,

    Please send an email to: vandeaf@telus.net. GVAD will help arrange a meeting! Thanks!

    Deafbc.ca Admin

  • Lisa Anderson

    July 23, 2009 at 4:03 pm

    Hello Derek,

    I’d like to meet with you to pass along info re: History, etc. as I did work there briefly. E-mail me anytime.


  • Hi Derek and Eugeniu,

    I have some old GVAD board materials and papers…some WIDHH stuff I borrowed from Derek a long time ago. I will look through my own messy “archives” and put aside in boxes whatever I find…and bring to GVAD sometime this summer.


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