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DWCC & CAD-ASC release series of ASL Wireless Terminology

The DWCC and CAD-ASC are pleased to release a series of videos, a total of 32 videos in ASL and LSQ.

The purpose of these videos are to increase Deaf, DeafBlind, and Hard of Hearing ASL and LSQ users’ understanding of wireless terminology.
What does data plan mean?
What does voice credit mean?
How many MB are in a GB?

Have a watch & learn!

We will release one video every week Tuesday at 10am. PST, one video in ASL, and one video in LSQ.

Both organizations would like to thank Cineall Productions and Scott Jeffery for their work in production and editing of these videos. Captions were added by Michael J Stewart. Additionally our sincerest appreciation also goes to Arista Haas and Rachel Filion for their work in the writing, editing, and the French translations of these terms.  These videos would not be possible without them. Many thanks!


Sharing on behalf of both organizations,
Lisa Anderson-Kellett, Chairperson
Deaf Wireless Canada Committee (DWCC)

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The first video term is: Wireless Service Provider (WSP) as follows:

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