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CRTC – June 16, 2009

From the CRTC website today:

June 16, 2009 – Chairman of CRTC said this in a speech today


June 16, 2009 – Chairman of CRTC said this in a speech today:

Let me turn next to the accessibility of communications services to persons with disabilities. As today’s communications technology evolves, we have more tools than ever before to participate in society. However, those tools are only useful if they are accessible to us.

The communications system must respond to the needs of all Canadians, including the more than four million Canadians that have a disability. Moreover, if we look ahead a few short years, it is evident that the communications needs of baby boomers will also change as they age.
We recently held a comprehensive proceeding on this issue that included a public hearing. The proceeding was unique in that it considered accessibility in light of both the Broadcasting Act and the Telecommunications Act. I am sure we will see more of these converged hearings in the future.

We have listened to input and advice on issues ranging from: captioning and described video; consumer service and support; access to wireless services; emergency services; and relay services involving the interposition of a live operator.

We expect to issue our decision on accessibility later this month. It will address reasonable accommodations that can be implemented to reduce barriers to the access of telecom and broadcasting services, while taking into account the economic reality.

Thanks to Henry Vlug for sharing!

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