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from President Kimberly Wood

GVAD has been very busy lately:

  • We hosted the Townhall/Roundtable on Saturday January 21st – with about 60 participants
  • From the feedback at the Townhall/Roundtable, the Board decided to re-structure GVAD, to enable us to meet future GVAD goals.

This includes making changes in

GVAD office operation and workers / staff.

  • The GVAD office will be managed by volunteers until the Board has decided what kind of paid worker / staff is needed.
  • Watch for future announcements about available positions.
  • Office volunteers will provide general information and refer questions to the correct GVAD directors or other groups.

GVAD Office ONLY contact:

General inquiries and GVAD Membership issues – gvadoffice@gmai.com

We also are making changes to:

GVAD’s websites (gvad.com and deafbc.ca) and Social Media

  • New Media Committee members are responsible for the websites, and social media (Facebook & Twitter).
  • The Media Committee will be responsible for any postings and public relations including newsletters and Vlogs.
  • Posting Policies will be reviewed by the Media Committee and Board.

We would like you to send your information and postings etc that you want us to post on deafbc.ca and our Facebook page

Media ONLY Contact (gvad.com and deafbc.ca / Facebook and social media)


We would like to thank those who have worked in our GVAD office; we recognize and appreciate their hard work over many years. GVAD will continue to work together with others to make our community stronger and more information will be shared from time to time! Thanks so much!

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