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Yoga4Kidz Relays for UNICEF

Join my team and get in on the fun at Yoga4Kidz Relays for UNICEF!

hello yogis and yoginis 🙂

pls consider joining in for a 24 hour yoga relay (we take turns doing yoga on the mat) and the other time, you sleep, eat (free food from corporate donations), meditate and live like a yogi for just a day… and fund raise for children with HIV and AIDS…. it costs $ 18 to sign up.

if you are interested only to sponsor that is awesome, too.
your name gets posted on the website 🙂

if you are interested in being part of the team, go to the website: www.yoga4kidz.ca, click “register”, go to “sponsor a team” and you will be able to sign up 🙂

hope to see you “ON THE MAT”

leonarda 🙂

My team Yoga PAH! is participating in Yoga4Kidz Relays for UNICEF on Nov 29, 2008 4:00 PM at 24 hour Relay Vancouver Croatian Cultural Centre.

Yoga4Kidz Relays for UNICEF is a 24-hour yoga fundraising practice to raise awareness and funds in support of UNICEF’s Unite for Children, Unite against AIDS campaign. To mark WORLD AIDS Day, December 1, participating yoga studios will host yoga fundraising practices of 24-hours (Full Marathon), 12 hours (Half Marathon), 6 hours (Quarter Marathon), or 108 minutes. All funds raised will help support children and youth living with HIV and AIDS in Africa.

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