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cbt-angerAnger is a basic emotion for all people. Anger is natural. Anger is unexpected. Anger can include frustration, being annoyed, “ticked off”, or offended. When we are angry or have conflict it can be hard to control how to react or respond to other people.  Sometimes we want to get angry back but we need to learn to control so we can respond appropriately.


This group will learn about:

–       What does anger mean?

–       How do we control anger?

–       What are the triggers of anger?

–       How can we tolerate anger?

–       Different kinds of anger e.g. thinking and acting

–       Skills to deal with anger

–       Mindfulness

–       How to reduce anger

Where: Deaf Well Being Program

Address: 4211 Kingsway #300, Burnaby, BC V5H 1Z6

When: Thursdays starting November 17

Time: 3 – 4:30

Registration: Contact Ali

Email: Alison.nutt@vch.ca


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