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Queer ASL

Hello all!

It’s time for a new round of Queer ASL classes! Please read below if you would like to learn more and/or register. Also please forward this email to anyone you think might be interested! If you would like to read more about Queer ASL (such as our history, what exactly we teach, and so on) please check out our website: www.queerasl.com

Queer ASL is an anti-oppressive, trans* & queer positive environment with a focus on creating an accessible, affordable, and safer space for anyone who wants to learn ASL. Our classes are scent reduced and we will provide information on how to come as scent-free as possible. We are continually working towards becoming more accessible and if people ever have any accessibility concerns, please do get in touch!

Our Classes
We are offering four classes – three ASL 101, and one ASL 102. We will hopefully offer a fourth 101 and second 102 once we find some classroom spaces for these two classes. Stay tuned.

Each class has 8 sessions that occurs weekly for 2.5 hours each at a suggested donation of $60-$90+ for 8 sessions altogether. The donations go towards paying the Deaf Queer ASL instructors and the overall sustainability & development of Queer ASL. We follow the Signing Naturally curriculum but the content is modified to be queer & trans positive.


ASL 101 is for people who have no previous (or very little) experience with ASL. This course covers unit 1 & 2 of Signing Naturally curriculum. Our homework features videos of folks from our local deaf queer community. We have three ASL 101 classes:

* ASL 101 – Sundays 11am – 1:30pm – starts March 20
* ASL 101 – Sundays 2pm – 4:30pm – starts March 20
* ASL 101 – Sundays 11am -1:30pm – starts April 3

* POSSIBLE ASL101 on Wednesdays – 6:30pm starting March 23 (location TBA) – email to be added to the waiting list in case this class is a go ahead.

ASL 102 is for people who have some experience with ASL but are still considered beginners. This course covers unit 3 – 5 of Signing Naturally curriculum. Our homework features videos of folks from our local deaf queer community.

ASL 102 – Sundays 2pm – 4:30pm – starts April 3

*POSSIBLE ASL 102 on Mondays 6pm – 8:30pm starting April 4 (location TBA) – email to be added to the waiting list in case this class is a go ahead.

Our Deaf Queer Instructors

Zoée Montpetit created Queer in 2009 in order to increase access in queer communities she was a part of. She has been teaching Queer ASL classes ever since its baby stage and at times teaches ASL classes at both VCC and Douglas College. Zoée is currently the president of the BC Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf board.

Amar Mangat is a new Queer ASL instructor who started teaching this fall. He has been on the BC Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf board for three years and has been a strong Queer ASL supporter. Amar has found a new passion in teaching and is thrilled to continue teaching and contributing to the growth of Queer ASL!

Kim Palmer is our new instructor assistant and accompanies Zoée in order to learn about teaching Queer ASL 101. After growing up with a progressive hearing loss, Kim became involved in the Deaf community in 2011. She currently works as an animator and media arts generalist and is Vice President of the BC Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf.

Suggested Donation
The suggested donation of $60-$90+ covers 8 sessions & weekly homework. We require everyone who wants to join the classes to donate as soon as they register in order to reserve a seat. You can send your donation (via email transfer or paypal toqueerasl@gmail.com) – if donating  in person is absolutely necessary, let us know.

If you have to back out before class starts or right after the first class, you will be refunded. However, if you back out a couple days before the second class, you will not be refunded as it will be too late to bring someone else in to fill your seat.

Location & Classroom Accessibility
SFU Harbour Centre’s address is 515 West Hastings Street in Vancouver. You can reach the centre both via skytrain (get off the waterfront station) or bus (various busses stop right in front of the centre). The centre is wheelchair accessible. In class we sit in a half circle and our chairs have cushions – some with armrests and some without. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about SFU Harbour Centre and we will get back to you asap.

How to Proceed
After reading this email thoroughly, please fill out the questionnaire below and send it to me. After reviewing your answers, I will let you know that you have been added to the list and you can then send your donation. Your seat will be held for up to 3 days and if I don’t hear back from you, I will have to give the seat to someone else. So please let me know if you are unable to donate until a specific date. Once your registration is completed, I will then send you a welcome email with more information about how classes work.

If you are a current Queer ASL student, you do not have to fill the questionnaire below and just email me to confirm that you want to continue on and then once I respond, you can send me your donation.

Thank you!



How did you find out about Queer ASL?

Why do you want to take Queer ASL classes?

Do you know any ASL? If some, can you please describe what you know.

Are you aware that Queer ASL is a queer and trans* positive environment?

Do you have any concerns, comments, and/or suggestions?

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