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CAV November 2015 Update

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CAV continues to make solid progress in our work to build Canada’s new Video Relay Service.

In September, we told you that we have a two-step procurement process in place to:

  1. acquire the technology platform that will power our VRS system, and
  2. select the video interpreter providers who will provide call centre interpreting services in ASL and LSQ.

This procurement work is advancing well, and we anticipate that we will have additional  news to share with you in the coming weeks.
While building the VRS service is our number 1 priority, CAV is also working hard to become more acquainted with Canada’s vibrant Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities and to get their ideas about VRS.

  • On October 24, Lisa Anderson-Kellett, one of CAV’s Board Directors, gave an update on our progress to the Greater Vancouver Association of the Deaf.
  • On November 14, CAV’s Executive Director Sue Decker was pleased to meet with the Ontario Association of the Deaf and the Toronto Association of the Deaf at their annual general meetings.

At both meetings, people responded enthusiastically about the VRS coming to Canada. As we move into 2016, our goal is to meet more people face-to-face for discussions about the opportunities that VRS will bring to our lives. We are making history together – it is an exciting time!
We will also be making history this month when CAV launches its new website. This will be a place you can go to get news and information about the implementation of VRS. You will also be able to sign up for regular email updates.
We will be in touch again with another update in early December.
Thank you and best wishes.

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