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UBC Signs Club

UBC has a new club on campus: UBC Signs. It is a sign language club with a heavy focus on ASL. There, we offer loads of resources, but the one most open to the community is our bi-weekly conversation group named HANDS (Honing ASL for New and Developed Signers).
HANDS is meant to be a resource for new signers to practise in a voice-off, Deaf environment as well as a community meeting place where Deaf community members can come together, relax, grab a bite/a drink and chat together. We meet every other Friday at 6pm at UBC’s Mahoney & Sons (ask for UBC Signs at the door; they respect our group/voice-off environment).
Our website can be found here (excuse the cutlery image, we are still setting up!) with specific HANDS info here.
We hope to see some folks out! Like I said, it is open to everybody and should be a fun time to meet new people and hang out with old friends.
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