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CAV-VRS: September 2015 Update

I am writing to share some important information with you about our progress on the implementation of Canada’s Video Relay Service.

CAV-ACS is a brand new organization so we are still working to get our administrative resources in place, while at the same time, making progress in the development of VRS.

With regard to VRS, we are involved in a two-step process which includes:

– Acquiring the technology platform that will power our VRS system.

– Selecting the video interpreter providers who will provide call centres and ASL and LSQ interpreting services. 

We are well advanced in the process to select the platform, but we are in the beginning stages with the video interpreting providers. The system will also include mobile apps and apps for PCs, MACs and tablets. More information about the start date for Canada’s new VRS will be available after the contracts are in place.

We’re also developing a website for CAV so we can begin communicating with you more frequently in English and French, ASL and LSQ. Our goal is to launch the website before the end of this year.

Every step that CAV takes is planned with great care and meets high quality expectations. VRS involves complex technologies, and we cannot rush the process. We are bringing due diligence to every activity we are undertaking to ensure we launch a service that is reliable and effective, and delivers the kind of service Canadians want and deserve.

We’re all in this together. We’re writing history and we’re looking forward to VRS coming in 2016. Personally, I can’t wait to add my VRS phone number to my business card.


Sue Decker

Executive Director, CAV-ACS

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