A community dive into the practices, conversations, and connections that cohere, strengthen, and renew us, individually and collectively. The work that makes us ready for the world.
Day Passes:

General Admission $50

Admission & Donor $85

Discount Admission $15+


Individual workshops may be available day-of depending on day pass registration levels
Please respect this scent reduced space and hold off on using perfumes, body sprays, and other scented products. If applicable please apply nail polish at least 24 hours before attending.

Dylan Colt – “Practice Makes Better: Embodying Racial Justice for White Folks” *For self-identified white folks

Jenn De Roo – “Community Self-Care Self Portraits” *For queer and trans people living with disabilities, chronic pain, or illness

Jaedyn Starr – “Queering Consent”

Jotika Lightbright – “Arts Space/Decompression Space/Safer Space” *For self-identified IPOC/QT*POC

Josie Boyce – “Femme Diversity, Resistance, and Resilience in the Queer Community”

Bon Fabian – “Two Spirit Warrior”

Alyson Hoy – “A Queer Theory for Living: Eve Sedgwick’s Reparative Mode”

Youth For A Change – “Spoken Word Performances, Poems, & Art”

Natasha Adsit – “Trans Women and the Survival of Exclusion”

Zain & Ben – “Writing Workshop for Queer, Trans*, Gender Non-Conforming, Non-Binary, Genderqueer, Mixed-Indigenous-People of Colour” *For self-identified non-binary Mixed-Indigenous-People of Colour

Lisa Salazar – “Transgender Spirituality Pulse Survey: Key Findings and Implications”

Landon Krentz – “Queers without Ears” (3:50-4:35pm)
** Full workshop and presenter bios are available at: http://www.genderfest.ca/#!conference/cub2 **
Some workshops are intended for specific groups; show respect by only entering spaces that are open to all or intended for you. 

ASL accessibility will be tailored as closely as possible to attendees needs – we are exploring interpreters and other options. Email conference@genderfest.ca so we can learn what your needs are and how to meet them! Deadline for best-case-scenario ASL accommodation is July 4th.
Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House is wheelchair accessible. A full accessibility audit is in the works and will be posted on this page no less than 2 weeks before the event.
We are doing our best to accommodate a scent-reduced environment and request attendees to refrain from use of scented products. Supplies provided through the day will have scent sensitivity in mind and we will work with the venue to refrain from use of chemical/scented products for cleaning prior to the conference.
This conference takes place on unceded Musqueam, Squamish, and Tsleil-Waututh territory.

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